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Protein’s Importance to the Body

Simply put, the human body needs protein in order to function properly. Whether through meat, Greek yogurt, eggs, nuts, beans or protein powder, you need to be consuming protein daily in order to be as healthy as possible.

Why Does The Body Need Protein?

There are dozens of reasons why protein is important for the body. The most popular explanation is muscle health. Protein helps muscles grow and recover after workouts, which is a major reason why protein supplements like BiPro are so popular. A serving of BiPro with breakfast or after a workout goes a long way toward building healthy muscles. But protein has many uses to the body beyond muscle growth. Protein impacts hair health and keeps skin and nails strong. It even has a role in organ function!

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What Are Protein's Health Benefits?

Outside of muscle health, covered above, there are many benefits of protein. Research suggests that consuming protein, whey protein in particular, can help strengthen the immune system and fend off illnesses. Protein helps form the cells that operate the immune system. Protein is also a natural appetite suppressant, limiting overeating and snacking. A serving of protein with a meal is great for satisfying hunger. On top of that, research suggests that a high-protein diet increases thermogenesis or the process of burning calories.  

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