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Work Up a Sweat With Unconventional Cardio

Get those hips swinging! Today is National Hula Hoop Day! This product, introduced in the 1950’s, is back and better than ever! Now, before you start thinking about sock-hops and poodle skirts, remember that using a hula hoop is a great way to exercise and burn calories!

First of all, using a hula hoop is easy and anyone can do it! If you take the proper stance to balance yourself and get that hoop…hooping…you’ll work your core, shape your waist, and tone your thighs and rear.

Today, you can find weighted hula hoops, as well as hula hoop instructional DVDs that will add a degree of difficulty to your routine. One of my favorite things about the hula hoop (other than how awesome I look working the hoop!) is that I can use it indoors, outdoors, or while watching TV. Do your friends or family members own hula hoops? Invite them over for a contest or “hoop-off!” Make a game out of exercising! Switch it up and make moving fun!

Unconventional cardio exercising combined with a healthy diet and balanced with BiPro whey protein will get you in tip-top shape in no time!


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