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Three Tips for Navigating the 4th of July BBQ

Nothing says 4th of July like big get-togethers with lots of food! But don’t let the abundance of steak, potato salad and desserts derail your healthy eating habits. The trick is learning how to outsmart the potluck buffet!

Plan Ahead

Always make sure to plan ahead. If you know all that will be served is calorie-laden dishes, offer to bring a healthy side. Fitness Magazine offers some great healthy picnic food alternatives and recipes such as a Slim-And-Trim Potato Salad that would be perfect for sharing. Or, plan on eating something rich in protein, such as a Peanut Butter Energy Bar, before you go so you will be less tempted to overdo it on festive cookies and other patriotic fare.

Be Active

Don’t think you have to succumb to a food coma. I can’t think of a better opportunity to be active then when you are with your family and friends! Don’t just sit around at your picnic: bring your volleyball or rollerblades and get the whole group moving instead of sitting around the buffet.

Be Assertive

BetterHealthUSA also recommends being assertive. You don’t have to feel obligated to try every dish or drink. If you’re not hungry, then just say so! Remember, you are in control of your health.

So go forth and conquer that 4th of July buffet – Enjoy some delicious food without sacrificing your health!

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