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Jordan Hasay’s Post-Run Workout Routine

It’s taken much more than just daily runs for Jordan Hasay to become a record-breaking athlete. The professional long-distance runner also undergoes weightlifting sessions, stretches and core exercises. Hasay gave BiPro USA a glimpse into some of the specific exercises she does after runs, hoping to inspire and educate fellow runners.

Hasay first winds down from her run with a combination of dynamic and static stretches that target her hamstrings, calves, quadriceps and lower back. A BiPro ELITE whey protein isolate shake is always within arm’s reach, helping her hydrate and refuel her muscles.   

After stretching out her lower body, Hasay works on her core. She sweeps a medicine ball side-to-side, not only strengthening her abs but also providing a great secondary arm workout. 

From the medicine ball to the physio ball, Hasay’s core workout continues. She does crunches on the physio ball, a handy tool that can also help with balance. Hasay uses the physio ball for stretches that open up her shoulders as well.

One of Hasay’s goals this year is strengthening her lower body. So, the final step in her post-run workout routine covers strength exercises for her legs and glutes. Hasay uses a barbell for deadlifts, power cleans and squats.

After all of that, she finishes her BiPro protein shake and leaves the gym to let her body recover.

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