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Jordan Hasay is Embracing Strength Training to Prepare for Chicago Marathon

Once per week, Jordan Hasay takes her training up a notch. As a professional long-distance runner, Hasay has tough workouts multiple times per week. But nothing is more grueling than the day when she does her weekly long run.

Hasay runs 25 miles on that day, just short of a marathon. And as if that wasn’t enough, right after her run she heads to the weight room for strength training. Leading up to her second career marathon in Chicago on Oct. 8, Hasay’s marathon training has featured more strength training than ever before.

“I drink BiPro Protein Water right after my long runs because it helps my muscles recover quickly before my strength training session,” Hasay said. “Then, right after I’m done lifting weights I have another serving of BiPro to help my body bounce back from a long day of training.”

Hasay’s first marathon performance in Boston was remarkable. She finished in 2:23:00, besting many of the world’s top marathoners. Hasay even shattered the American debut marathon record by nearly three minutes.  

While Hasay’s first marathon was a raging success, she hopes to be much improved for her second 26.2 mile race. She’s had six months to prepare for the Chicago Marathon since Boston and has taken her strength training to another level.

“I have made some advancements with weight training. I lift heavier three days per week now instead of two,” Hasay said. “I used to be too tired to do this, but I’m now more adapted to marathon training and have been able to incorporate an extra lift into my training each week.”

If recent races are any indication, the extra weightlifting sessions are paying off. In early September, Hasay handily won the 20 kilometer USA championships in 1:06:35. The second-place runner finished more than a minute behind.

Heading into her first marathon, Hasay increased her training mileage and added more BiPro Whey Protein Isolate to her diet. Now as one of the best marathon runners in the world, Hasay expects her improved training routine to propel her to an even better race as she runs 26.2 miles for the second time.

“Without BiPro I wouldn't have been able to make these advancements in my training, still feel strong and stay injury free,” Hasay said. “I'm very thankful to have found this product and hope that other runners will embrace the power that BiPro and strength training can give you.”  

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