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Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution

Whether you have resolved to lose weight, eat healthier, or just intensify your current workout, we’ve got four great tips to help you stay on track!

Have someone else make your resolutions for you: Having someone you love tell you how you could become a better person can be effective. Encouraging a loved one to make your resolutions for you, and vice versa.
This can help alert you both to much-needed changes and lets you hold each other accountable.

Focus on quitting bad habits: Our lives are quite full already. Before you can institute new, positive behaviors, you have to quit negative ones that prevent you from living a happy, healthy life.

Prepare yourself for inevitable setbacks: Instead of interpreting a single relapse or mistake as a failure, think of it as a mere bump in the road that’s part of the path to success.

Be specific: When it comes to self-improvement, the more detail, the better. Don’t just make a vague plan to eat healthier. Instead, say, “I will eat three balanced meals and two snacks each day.” Breaking resolutions down into small chunks makes them more doable and provides a concrete sense of accomplishment every time a mini-task is completed.

Source: The Week

What resolutions did you make?

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