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It’s National Protein Day: Are you getting enough?

You can’t build a house without lumber. Likewise, you can’t build a body without protein.

It’s the building block of life. Protein is a part of every one of our cells, and it’s necessary for the maintenance of our muscles, bones and skin.

Feb. 27 is National Protein Day, which recognizes the importance of consuming adequate amounts of this vital macronutrient. Protein is crucial to our health, and unlike fats and carbohydrates, our bodies can’t store it. Protein needs to be included in our daily diets.

Are you getting enough?

Here are a few ways you can benefit your body while recognizing National Protein Day:

  1. Try a new protein packed recipe: Protein shakes, lean meats and eggs are great sources of protein, but why not branch out a bit? Try Blueberry Cheesecake Bites or Cheese Bacon Peppers. There are many great protein-packed recipes. Expand your horizons and check out all the great options on our recipe page.
  2. Eat the right amount: Ideal protein intake varies by weight. Nutrition experts recommend around 46 grams per day for women, and 56 for men — but age, activity level, muscle mass, physical goals, and your current health all play an important role. It’s also important to spread your protein consumption throughout the day. Have a protein shake with breakfast or for an afternoon snack. Our Protein Calculator can help you determine if you are getting your daily protein requirement.
  3. See a doctor or registered dietitian nutritionist: Examine your diet and seek advice on how much protein you need. The National Academy of Medicine sets a wide range —anywhere from 10 to 35 percent of calories each day.

Remember: getting proper protein is important for everyone.

While protein consumption is often talked about for athletes, there are many ways that protein benefits health and wellbeing.

Getting adequate protein has been valuable for those trying to lose weight. Protein prolongs satiety -- the feeling of fullness that arrives after eating – and can help people manage cravings. It also helps individuals to lose weight in the right way, because it promotes muscle maintenance as they lose fat.

Metabolizing protein requires more “work” than it does with carbs or fats. In fact, 20% of protein calories are burned in the process of metabolizing and using for essential bodily needs. This factor, known as the thermic effect, helps with weight maintenance and weight loss.

Protein is also incredibly important for seniors to prevent or slow the involuntary muscle loss that comes with aging.

Protein can be found in many foods including meats and plants, though not all sources offer the same quality. Whey protein, derived from milk, is considered an excellent source that provides all the amino acids – the building blocks of protein -- that people cannot create on their own.

Whether you’re a world-class athlete or a busy parent trying to live healthier, rely on BiPro for clean, high-quality protein powders and waters. With no artificial ingredients, sugar or unnecessary fillers, BiPro makes it easy to get the protein your body needs to thrive.

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