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How Whey Protein is Made

One of the many things that sets BiPro apart from other whey proteins is its locally-sourced production process. We collect milk from local creameries and then take it through our state-of-the-art production process to create natural, pure whey protein isolate. Here are the steps taken to make BiPro:

  1. Milk is collected from local creameries and transported to BiPro production facilities.
  2. The milk is separated into cheese and liquid whey.
  3. The whey is filtered to remove fat, carbohydrate, water, etc.
  4. Once filtered, the whey is spray dried into a powder.
  5. The protein is packaged a shipped, ready to help health-conscious people take their nutrition to the next level.

Interested in seeing more information about how whey protein is made? Check out the video below:

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