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How to Make Halloween Healthier

Halloween can be a ghoulish time for those trying to maintain a healthy diet. The sugary treats are plentiful and often too tempting to pass up. It’s just as tough to keep your trick-or-treating kids from gobbling up all that sugar after hauling home their enormous bags of candy.

Fortunately, there’s a way to make the holiday a little bit healthier. It’s as simple as incorporating some protein while baking up your Halloween goodies. Protein is a natural appetite suppressant, helping people feel fuller for longer. When feeling full, you’re less likely to dig into the candy bag or go overboard on the junk food. If you still want to enjoy some sweet treats Halloween, but hope to keep it reasonable, then we have the perfect protein recipes for you. Each are packed with BiPro ELITE™ whey protein isolate, a pure and delicious protein powder that you can mix smoothly into your favorite foods.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Eyeball Truffles

Chocolate Sandwich Eyeball Cookies made with BiPro Whey Protein Powder

I spy a Halloween treat that tastes as great as it looks! These cookies (just 110 calories per serving) are frosted with a light cream cheese coating, then topped with chocolate pieces for extra sweetness. Best of all, you just need four ingredients to create a healthier and hauntingly popular stop at your holiday snack table.

Ghost Cookies

Protein Ghost Cookies Made with BiPro Whey Protein

These friendly ghosts offer a nice surprise. Take a bite and you’ll notice hints of vanilla, chocolate and even coconut! Kids like this recipe because they can get creative and give these edible ghosts whatever expression they please. Parents also love them because each BiPro ghost cookie only has 4 grams of sugar!

Monster Eye Cookies

Monster Eye Cookies Made with BiPro Whey Protein Powder

When you stare down this delightful plate of cookies at your Halloween Party, it will stare right back! Even better, these fun and colorful cookies have just 90 calories each. They’re not so monstrous after all.

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