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How Protein Shakes Helped a Rugby Star on an All-Liquid Diet

Before she led the United States national team or became one of the world’s top rugby scorers, Victoria Folayan laid in a hospital bed. In August of 2015, the Boston native hyperextended her neck while playing rugby, underwent surgery and started an exhaustive 10-month rehab process.

“There was pinching on my spinal column,” Folayan said. “It took months of intense rehab and physical therapy to get back on the field.”

Following neck surgery, Folayan couldn’t eat solid food. On a restricted all-liquid diet, the rugby star began blending shakes to feed her body and keep her weight up while sidelined from play. That’s when she started using BiPro Whey Protein Isolate.

“My main source of nutrition was protein shakes. I needed to find a supplement that was good for me,” Folayan said. “I just loved the fact that I could put Unflavored BiPro in anything and it didn’t alter the taste. I was having anywhere from three to five shakes per day because I couldn’t swallow very well. BiPro was a lifesaver.”

The protein-packed shakes satisfied Folayan’s appetite and also gave her the right mix of nutrients to stay healthy.

“When I was drinking protein shakes after my surgery, I thought I would be really hungry all the time but I wasn’t. It was great having BiPro as a supplement because it was actually filling,” Folayan said.

About five months after surgery, Folayan got back in the gym. She focused on strength training exercises to help prepare her for an eventful summer of 2016, where she played for the United States’ national team. She’s now ranked eighth in the world all-time in tries.

Did the serious neck injury give Folayan second thoughts about playing the sport she loves? Don’t count on it.

“Rugby is awesome,” Folayan said. “It’s physical but I love it.”

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