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How Jordan Hasay Fights Off Holiday Cravings

When the holidays roll around, it can be tough to stick to a healthy diet. Candy canes, cookies and other sugary desserts pop up just about everywhere. Even with those temptations, professional runner Jordan Hasay manages to stick to a healthy diet this time of year and adds BiPro whey protein isolate to many of her recipes.

“I enjoy healthy foods and healthy recipes, so I think trying to incorporate healthy stuff that also tastes good is the way to go,” she said. “I’m training so much that I could eat pretty much whatever I want. Each day I’m putting in 4,000 to 5,000 calories of really good stuff and it’s like putting the best fuel in your engine. I’m trying to focus on the high quality good stuff.”

While she doesn’t go after candy or fried foods, Hasay does indulge in a healthier dessert from time to time. She likes to make what she calls a dessert yogurt, which mimics the effect of ice cream in a more nutrient-rich package.

“I’ll put chocolate BiPro in that yogurt, which is almost like a dessert flavoring,” Hasay said.

Interested in more of Jordan’s recipes? Check out the smoothie pictured below, featuring unflavored BiPro, that she posted on Instagram.


Jordan Hasay's Smoothie made with unflavored Bipro Whey protein




  1. Cut pears and mix all ingredients in a blender
  2. Serve immediately

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