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How Can Whey Protein Help Concussion Patients?

When Haydn Thompson, LAT, ATC, sees new patients at CognitiveFX, a renowned concussion treatment center, he often notices a consistent symptom among them: They have trouble sleeping.

“A very high number of our patients deal with disruptive sleep hygiene, which often correlates from a variety of their concussive symptoms,” said Thompson, director of neuromuscular therapy for the Utah-based treatment center.

Part of CognitiveFX’s protocol for many of the mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) patients can be found in a one pound whey protein jar. Thompson administers BioZzz protein shakes to patients because they are high in the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor for serotonin. Increasing serotonin levels can improve sleep quality, reduce stress, and improve overall mood, according to studies. BioZzz is comprised of the purest commercially available form of alpha-lactalbumin, the protein in human breast milk.

“BioZzz has been a positive addition to our overall treatment protocol,” Thompson said. “Alpha-lactalbumin meets our nutritional standards and our staff is aware of its benefits in increasing cognitive performance, improving mood disorders, and supplementing the sleep hygiene in our patients.”

CognitiveFX also uses BiPro whey protein isolate to improve patients’ overall nutrition and stimulate muscle development through rehabilitation.

“Both the brain and muscular system can be stressed through forms of exercise. Supply both with a nutrient-dense diet, practice and treat neuromuscular balance. Provide the system with symmetry,” Thompson said.

CognitiveFX is a very rare concussion treatment center. The program offers customized therapy for each individualized patient and incorporates an on-site fMRI scan which reads on 57 distinct regions of the brain and how they are functioning.

Some of the country’s most famous athletes have been treated at CognitiveFX, not only for specific mild traumatic brain injuries but also to improve overall cognitive performance and maintain brain health. BiPro and BioZzz aid this protocol not only for the body, but also the brain.

“When it comes to whey protein supplementation, I wouldn’t recommend another product. Every canister of BiPro and BioZzz contains at least 90 percent whey protein isolate. Healthy supplements are hard to come by,” Thompson said. “Our treatment protocols push a nutrient-dense diet and, overall, our goal is to improve body and brain function.”

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