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How BiPro Can Help Post-Ops Eat Healthy Long-Term

Immediately after bariatric surgery, patients’ eating capacity is extremely restricted, with most patients only able to eat very few ounces at a time. To ingest the proper amount of protein for recovery, promote weight loss and preserve muscle mass, bariatric medical professionals consistently recommend whey protein isolate, such as BiPro.

But as patients regain eating capacity, many phase out protein supplements, according to Bariatric Foodie Owner and Author Nikki Massie.  

“About two or three months after surgery you hit a point where you can eat a couple bites more, then around the six month mark you’re able to eat a little more and then at the year mark you’re able to eat a lot more than you could when you just got out of surgery,” Massie says.

“It tends to freak people out. They think that they’re automatically going to fail because they can eat more. That’s when I’ve seen people fill in the gaps with less-than-healthy choices. Many of my readers have reported that it was at this stage that they went back to eating things like cookies and potato chips simply because they were able to eat more.”

This is why, Massie notes, there’s a strong case for longer-term patients to keep whey protein as a part of their overall healthy eating plan, even if they are able to tolerate a variety of foods.

“For long-term patients, I think it’s important to have a good whey protein. Whey protein is versatile and can used not only as protein shakes, but made into other things like pudding or portion-controlled treats. But bottom line: a good, solid whey protein helps you feel satisfied longer for less calories, helping to maintain weight loss long-term,” Massie says.

So whether you are a new bariatric patient or long-term, Massie says, a quality whey isolate protein has a place in your overall healthy lifestyle! BiPro is Bariatric Foodie’s whey isolate protein of choice because it is 100 or fewer calories depending on the flavor, has zero grams of sugar and integrates easily into many different kinds of recipes.

For more information on BiPro and bariatric surgery, be sure to read Massie’s Dos and Don’ts for Bariatric Surgery Patients in 2016 or download BiPro USA’s Bariatric Cookbook

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