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How a Medal-Winning Skater Stays Lean with Meal Replacement Smoothies

Photo credit: Leah Adams

As the owner of multiple silver and bronze medals, Marissa Castelli is one of the top figure skaters in the world. All of those accolades don’t come without a ton of practice and an emphasis on nutrition. Castelli has to stay in incredibly good shape so that she can execute advanced moves on the ice and be lifted into the air by her partner, Mervin Tran.

Castelli uses BiPro Whey Protein Isolate regularly to help her body recover from workouts and also make her smoothies more filling. Those meal replacement smoothies give Castelli the nutrients her body needs in an efficient all-liquid package. That combination keeps her as lean and healthy as possible.   

“I add BiPro to my smoothies to help my muscles recover from workouts and to make the smoothies more filling,” Castelli said. “The biggest benefit of BiPro is getting the protein I need in my diet without too many calories.” 

Want to recover from your workouts like Castelli with delicious meal replacement smoothies? Check out BiPro's smoothie recipes cookbook!

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