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Healthy On-The-Go Protein Snacks

Eating healthy snacks is a great way to power through the day and keep your energy level up! Try some of our favorite on-the-go protein snacks:

  1. BiPro Protein Water and Fruit
    Our protein water is perfect for people on the go because it packs 20 grams of protein into a portable, great-tasting bottle. For an even more well-rounded snack, eat a piece of fruit like an apple, banana or orange with your protein water. BiPro Protein Water on a Yoga Mat
  2. Smoothie bags
    If you like smoothies, pre-pack your smoothie ingredients into plastic bags like so to save time! That way, you can just dump your pre-measured portions of fruits and veggies into the blender in the morning, pour the smoothie into a travel mug and get out the door!
  3. PB&J Protein bites
    These protein bites are packed with oats, peanut butter and BiPro to help you power through any day.|
    PB&J Protein bites made with Strawberry BiPro Whey Protein Isolate
  4. Nuts
    Packing a bag of nuts is an incredibly easy, healthy and protein-packed snack option.
  5. Strawberry Almond Chocolate Chip Bars
    These easy, no-bake protein bars have 15 grams of protein per bar! 
    STRAWBERRY ALMOND CHOCOLATE CHIP BARS made with strawberry BiPro Whey Protein


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