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Five People You Can Give Whey Protein to This Holiday Season

Do you still need to find holiday gifts for the special people in your life? We have some perfect ideas for you!

Here are five different groups of people that would love to receive the gift of BiPro whey protein isolate this holiday season:

  1. Parents
    With so many junk foods readily available for low prices, many parents worry about making sure their children are consuming all of the nutrients they need. So, they head over to our recipes page for helpful tips on how to mix unflavored BiPro into their kids’ favorite dishes. Unflavored BiPro is virtually tasteless and is a great addition to pancakes, lasagna, macaroni and cheese and much more!
  2. Runners
    A rapidly growing number of runners are using BiPro to supplement their workouts. Protein is essential for helping muscles recover and can make muscles feel less sore and stronger the next day. Runners are realizing that the right protein powder, like BiPro, can give them the power to finish races strong without bulking up.

    Our whey protein isolate consists of minimal ingredients and doesn’t contain additives that your body doesn’t need. That helps promote lean muscle development without added bulk – just ask professional runner Jordan Hasay.
    Pro Marathon Runner and BiPro User Jordan Hasay
  3. Bariatric Surgery Patients
    Long-term success of bariatric surgery requires lifestyle changes and good nutrition choices. Many weight loss surgeries require patients to undergo all-liquid diets. Without solid foods, it can become very difficult for bariatric surgery patients to obtain the protein they need. Consumption of high-quality dietary protein is central to successful weight management and protection of lean tissues. So, many weight loss surgery patients mix BiPro whey protein into drinks and shakes in order to enhance the beverages’ nutritional profile. Check out some of the ways Bariatric Foodie uses BiPro.
  4. The Aging Population
    Whey protein can be an incredibly useful tool for the aging population. Consuming protein can help limit the onset of sarcopenia, the loss of muscle tissue as a natural part of the aging process. Sarcopenia’s effects can include decreased muscle strength, mobility issues, weak bones, diabetes, a loss of physical function and more, the Alliance For Aging Research claims. 
  5. Weightlifters
    While BiPro is a great supplement for runners looking to develop lean muscle, it’s also an effective whey protein for larger athletes.  BiPro is the perfect protein for strength training. The three branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) – leucine, isoleucine, and valine – have been shown to improve exercise performance and reduce muscle breakdown.  BiPro is a complete protein that contains all nine of the essential amino acids, including the three BCAAs. Watch former professional football players Chad Greenway explain why they use BiPro in the videos below.


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