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Did You Know: Wiggling Your Toes is Healthy

Today is National Wiggle Your Toes Day, which got us thinking: is there any science that suggests moving your toes is healthy? The short answer is yes.

There are all kinds of benefits to any body movement in general, but here are a few reasons why you should wiggle your toes frequently:

  1.  Shoes that are too tight can move out of their natural alignment. According to this post on Healthline, “When toes are held in one position too much, the muscles tighten and don’t go back to normal length.”
  2. The same Healthline post also claims that irregular toe spacing can lead to fungus formation.
  3. Perhaps most importantly, moving your toes and feet strengthen them and can decrease injury risk, according to the Harvard Medical School.

The Sports Injury Clinic offers multiple exercises for increasing foot and toe strength, such as spreading the toes, toe lifting, pencil lifting, the forefoot press, and more.

Moving your toes surprisingly can reap some health benefits. So, wiggle your toes like you don’t care who knows! Also, remember that refueling the body with BiPro after a workout of any kind is a great way to make sure muscles remain healthy.

How are you going to wiggle your toes today? Tell us on Twitter @BiProUSA and use the official hashtag #WiggleYourToesDay.

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