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12/10/2010 - Managing Holiday Stress

While the twinkling lights, the jolly tunes, and the spirit of giving make the holidays a wonderful time of year, there’s also a mess of stress to deal with in the month of December! Endless get-togethers with family members, friends, and co-workers, spending dough on gifts for the ones you love, decking the halls, ugly Christmas sweaters, mailing out the cards…the list goes on and on!!! While some things you can’t control (like Mom still wearing that same gold sequined appliqué Santa sweater), other things are totally up to you. So take the holidays into your hands and use these tips for a mellow season.




Don’t blow your diet: You know that tired, sluggish feeling you get after eating too much? Why deal with it party after party? Eat a healthy snack before hitting the office buffet or your sister’s cookie swap. Fill up on veggies and a fruity BiPro smoothie so that you’re not starving when you get to that holiday party, then graze once you arrive. Eat slowly and eat small samples of the goods. Don’t go overboard on the sweets at the dessert table, either. I guarantee, you will feel good about yourself when you leave the party and much better the next day!!
Watch what you drink: Alcohol contains lots of calories and beverages like real hot chocolate and eggnog (while delicious!!) are high in fat. Try a spritzer to cut the amount of wine you’re actually drinking, or go for cranberry juice mixed with club soda. Heck, even water or a diet soft drink is perfectly acceptable!
Stay true to your routine: No need to make lofty New Year’s resolutions about dropping 20 pounds by February! Just keep on keeping on! Continue hitting the gym, working out at home, taking the stairs at work, walking the dog for 30 minutes every night, etc., and you’ll be just fine! Don’t add extra stress by skipping your daily exercise. Staying physically active is a stress-buster, too, so you’ll feel much better all around!
Don’t let one bad day ruin everything: If you do miss a day of exercise or eat more than you wanted to at that party last night, it’s okay!! Just pick up where you left off; no need to wait until a new day, a new week, or a new year to get back on track.

Hopefully these tips will help you to feel spirited and cherry all season long!! Happy holidays!


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