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05/27/2013 - Chris Freytag talks Smoothies!

Smoothies Your Kids will Love

Chris Freytag talks smoothies

There are all sorts of ways to make smoothies and get some additional fruits and greens into your diet.
Plus, your kids will love these smoothies too!

So that’s why this week’s Motivation Monday is dedicated to SMOOTHIES ….get more fruit (and greens!) in your daily diet! Watch the video clip to find out how to make smoothies in my Chris Freytag Fitness Blender!

P.S. Looking for natural ways to recover from your workouts? My new favorite fruit – tart cherries are an antioxidant-rich fruit with specific anti-inflammatory profiles that can help reduce muscle pain and soreness post-workout, helping to maximize your recovery. I’ve been using the juice in smoothies post workout!

Smoothie tips:

1. Buy seasonal fruit so you aren’t spending a fortune!

2. Buy frozen fruit.

3.. Peel your bananas and freeze them yourself.

4. Add some protein powder to your smoothie.

5. Try some tart cherry juice for its anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Add some green tea in your smoothie.

7. Toss in some spinach leaves in your smoothie and you won’t even taste it!

8. Use greek yogurt in your smoothie for its high level of protein.

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Chris Freytag is a top fitness expert, public speaker, contributing editor to Prevention magazine and an author of several books, including her latest, a healthy cookbook titled, CHOOSE THIS! Chris shares her tips weekly on the Minneapolis NBC affiliate and on shows like the Today Show and Lifetime TV. She has created dozens of workout DVDs that will keep you motivated. Her latest is a collection of 7 HIIT workouts. Chris is passionate about helping people live healthier lives, and she works with all groups of adults, kids, and athletes. She also is very involved with several nonprofit organizations geared towards helping youth get active.

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