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Bring BiPro Along To Supplement Your Next Hike

Hikes are a great, low impact form of exercise that just about anyone can participate in. Some jaunts are more strenuous than others, however, leaving people with sore and taxed muscles.

According to personal trainer Kyle Davey, it’s important for people to ingest protein during workouts in addition to after them. Bringing a full jar of protein powder to refuel during a hike isn’t ideal; a two-pound bag of BiPro protein would take up most of the space in a backpack.

And while nuts and trail mix are solid hiking snacks, they don’t provide the same protein profile as BiPro. One almond contains 0.25 grams of protein. That means you would have to eat 80(!) almonds to consume the 20 grams of protein that one small serving of BiPro ELITE whey protein isolate offers.

This is exactly why you should make BiPro a part of your hiking experience. BiPro Protein Water or Single-serve packets easily fit into a bag or large pocket. Lightweight packets are ideal for longer hiking trips while BiPro Protein Water is a grab and go option. 

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