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Brandon Ingram’s Offseason: In the Weight Room

Brandon Ingram’s relentless work ethic has turned him into one of the most exciting young stars in basketball. The 20-year-old forward takes steps every day to improve his strength, diet and on-court performance. 

Ingram drinks BiPro Whey Protein Isolate before and after his workouts so his body has a source of pure, all-natural protein for muscle recovery. He gave BiPro an inside look at the offseason work he did to prepare for his second pro season in Los Angeles. Part one below focuses on Ingram's strength training. 

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Brandon Ingram has been in the weight room this summer more than ever before. His team’s strength and conditioning staff helped him establish a new daily strength training routine.

“I’m in the weight room more this summer than I have been in the past. My mentality has totally changed,” Ingram said. “My new coaches have really helped a lot with my weightlifting. It’s the same routine for me every single day now.”  

Brandon Ingram weight room

Ingram’s new strength training regimen emphasizes lower-body work in particular. He regularly does deadlifts, weighted carries, weighted lunges, weighted step-ups and more.

All of the lower-body exercises carry the same goal: Strengthening Ingram’s base. A stronger base has improved Ingram’s footwork and balance, boosting his on-court production. 

Brandon Ingram weightlifting

“I have a way stronger base than I did this time last year. Now I’m able to better take hits on the court and get to my spots,” Ingram said. “I know I have to get stronger, so I’m working to gain strength so I can both take bumps on the court and of course deliver them.”

Brandon Ingram core workout

Ingram was listed at 6’9” and 190 pounds at the start of his rookie season. Instead of adding too much bulk to his body, he wants to be strong, explosive and have all of his lifts carry over to movements he makes in basketball games.

“I’m making sure everything I do in the weight room translates to the court, whatever makes my body more explosive,” Ingram said. “Weighted step-ups are great because they simulate jumping off of one foot, which I do in games all the time.”

Brandon Ingram bench press

Ingram’s weightlifting routine is strategically planned so that he can hit the weights every day and continue building his body. Through that daily work, Ingram has a simple goal in the weight room this summer. He wants to leave each workout stronger than the last.

“If I’m working my arms, the next time I lift arms I want to be able to go up in weight. BiPro is great for that because the protein helps my muscles get stronger and recover quickly between lifting sessions,” Ingram said. “I want to feel stronger every time I work out.”

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Hi, am a professional sportsmen, playing a sport called back in India and I wanted to be stronger, bigger ,more agile and explosive so what kinda workout can I add to my training seasons and what kinda running.... My game is long duration but need to be explosive and based on lot of agility movements.... please could you help with this it would be a great help

Posted by: Kc Avinash | April 02, 2018