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Brandon Ingram’s Offseason: In the Kitchen

Brandon Ingram’s relentless work ethic has turned him into one of the most exciting young stars in basketball. The 20-year-old forward takes steps every day to improve his strength, diet and on-court performance.

Ingram drinks BiPro Whey Protein Isolate before and after his workouts so his body has a source of pure, all-natural protein for muscle recovery. He gave BiPro an inside look at the offseason work he’s doing as he prepares for his second pro season in Los Angeles.

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When Brandon Ingram was drafted second overall last summer, moved to Los Angeles and started his professional career, he started to give something up: Junk food. Fried foods and desserts are in his diet much less frequently than they were before. Those indulgences have been replaced for the most part by healthier options. Ingram regularly enjoys eggs, fresh fruit, potatoes, grilled meats and BiPro protein shakes.

“I’m eating healthier, getting more vegetables. I’ve been picking and choosing more, not eating as much junk food,” Ingram said. “I’ve been getting my nutrition up and drinking more BiPro protein shakes every day as well.”

Brandon Ingram eating steak

Last summer, Ingram’s phone buzzed every three hours. A recurring alarm would remind him to eat so that he could gain extra weight. While he still consumes high amounts of calories throughout the day, Ingram is taking a more measured approach to his diet this summer. He takes in a steady dose of his favorite filling foods and keeps almost everything healthy.   

An Average Day of Brandon Ingram’s Diet

Breakfast: Omelet with a side of bacon. “I also love waffles or French toast when I’m craving something sweet.”

Pre-workout: BiPro protein shake.

Post-workout: Another BiPro protein shake. “Protein rebuilds muscle, so I always have a BiPro Protein Water or smoothie after working out.”

Lunch: Sandwich with brown rice and a side salad.

Snack: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “Peanut butter and jelly is a great snack before a game. I like extra grape jelly on mine.”

Dinner: Steak, mashed potatoes and spinach. “I like grilled chicken a lot, too. It’s a great protein source on top of BiPro.” 

Brandon Ingram's diet

With his second pro season on the horizon, Ingram hopes that an added emphasis on eating right will play a part in taking his game to the next level. Between a regimented weightlifting routine, healthy diet and at least one serving of BiPro per day, he’s doing everything in his power to grow as a player and get stronger.

“I’m just trying to take in as much food as I can,” Ingram said. “I’m getting good fuel so I can stay healthy, enter the season strong and in great shape.”

Want to learn more about Ingram’s offseason? In part one of this web series, we showcased his weightlifting routine. 

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