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BiPro USA Adds Natural Sweeteners to Flavored Products

Today we officially announced that natural sweeteners have been added to French vanilla and chocolate flavored BiPro! Orders of flavored BiPro will no longer contain sucralose moving forward, making our whey protein isolate even more appealing to health-conscious individuals.

The slight alteration to flavored BiPro will not change its top-notch nutritional profile or purity, which are major reasons why it’s trusted by hundreds of professional athletes worldwide.

French vanilla and chocolate BiPro will also have the same clean taste our customers love. Panelists sampled the old recipe, compared it to the new concoction and couldn’t tell the difference! To try the newly formulated BiPro flavors for yourself, email for a free sample.

For tips on how to add flavored or unflavored BiPro to your favorite foods, head over to our recipes section. If you have any questions about BiPro, check out our FAQs page or call 1-877-692-4776.

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