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BiPro Packaging Change FAQs

We've recently brought some exciting changes to BiPro®, including new packaging and new product lines. Here’s the scoop:

Why change to pouches? 

This change allows us to reduce our energy consumption, landfill mass, and total package weight. Additionally, it would take 26 truckloads of empty jars to bring the same number of pouches that fit on just one truck. This alone is a big part of the savings we’ve been able to pass on to our customers.

Much like our proteins, our packaging is now simple and free of non-essentials. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting, where it comes from, and how to use it. Our bags are easy to ship, easy to store, and easy to seal.


Why does your website show two packaging options?

Those of you familiar with our website may have noticed ‘The Original’ BiPro is still available in canisters. We will continue to offer our legacy products provided we have available inventory that meets our shelf-life requirements. However, we are no longer packaging BiPro in canisters and once we work through our existing inventory, canisters will not be available.

If ‘The Original’ BiPro is now BiPro ELITE™, why is the nutrition information different on the new packaging?

Our Innovation and Quality Assurance teams work diligently to ensure BiPro labels are up to date and accurately meet the requirements put forth by the food and drug administration. All our new packaging has been updated to meet FDA standards.

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