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BiPro is Not Just for Athletes: Managing Diabetes

A recent study from Israel suggests that a large whey protein breakfast can help patients manage Type 2 diabetes. Daniela Jakubowicz, MD, the study’s lead author, said in an Endocrine Society press release that a “high-calorie protein breakfast” is a known strategy for weight loss seekers.

But Jakubowicz, a professor of medicine at Tel Aviv University, found that whey protein was particularly effective for diabetics.

“Whey protein powder, which is a byproduct of milk during cheese production, induced greater satiety and greater reduction of glucose spikes after meals compared to other protein sources, such as eggs, soy or tuna,” Jakubowicz said in the press release.

The study randomly administered one of three diets containing the same number of calories to 48 obese participants with Type 2 diabetes. Over the course of 23 months, every participant consumed the same meals with one exception: Breakfasts slightly differed in quantity and the source of protein.

After just 12 weeks, the group consuming whey protein at breakfast had lost 16.7 pounds, compared to 13.4 pounds from individuals using other protein sources and 6.8 pounds from those consuming meals high in carbohydrates.

“The whey protein diet significantly suppresses the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin.’ A whey protein drink is easily prepared and provides the advantages of a high-protein breakfast on weight loss, reduction of hunger, glucose spikes and HbA1c,” Jakubowicz said in the press release.

BiPro is the post-workout supplement of choice for many professional athletes. But a protein as advanced as BiPro has uses beyond sports. This is the fifth installment of a blog series showing that BiPro is not just for athletes. Be sure to read our other posts on sarcopeniaappetite suppressionimmunity, and specialty diets.

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I'm curious, but can a doctor prescribe protein for diabetic patients, especially if it can help the patient lose weight and gain all the benefits that come with it?

In any case, this is useful to me because I have gained weight, and need to lose it.

Posted by: Cesar | May 03, 2016

At this time, doctors cannot write prescriptions for whey protein.

Posted by: Kimberly Baldwin | May 04, 2016