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BiPro Fits into Many Popular Diet Plans

There are dozens of popular diet plans for weight loss, gaining muscle and getting lean. Almost every diet emphasizes a clean source of protein for muscle health, to help the immune system, boost metabolism and improve overall wellness.

One popular diet tool, Weight Watchers, helps many people monitor their lifestyle choices to aid weight loss and maintenance. The organization has a handy calculator that ascribes foods a point score based on their nutritional profile. For example, at 90 calories with 20 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar, carbohydrate or fat, BiPro Protein Water is worth one SmartPoint.

Want to see how easily BiPro can fit into many popular diet plans? Here’s a breakdown:

Low-Carb Diet: Low-carb diets are aptly named because they’re low in carbohydrates and stress eating high amounts of protein, fats as well as some vegetables. A number of studies claim that low-carb diets are optimal for treating obesity.

As aforementioned, BiPro Protein Water is an ideal drink for low-carb dieters because it contains zero grams of carbohydrate!

Ketogenic Diet: Similar to the low-carb diet, the keto diet advises greatly reducing carbohydrate consumption and replacing those carbs with fats. According to Authority Nutrition, that “puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.” As a result, your body is more efficient at “burning fat for energy.”

Avocados are a great source of healthy fats. Try eating half of an avocado with two eggs for a high-protein breakfast that’s relatively low in carbs. Or, add avocado to your BiPro protein smoothie.

Paleo Diet: Paleo dieters strive to only eat foods that ancient humans could hunt or gather, including meats, nuts and vegetables. That means popular food items like pasta, bread, potato chips, and even dairy are out.

While BiPro is a dairy product, because it naturally comes from milk, that doesn’t mean you automatically have to avoid it if you’re following the paleo diet. In fact, some leading paleo dieters keep some dairy in their diets. Mark Sisson, deemed the “Pied Piper of Paleo” by Outside Magazine, claims that paleo should allow for some flexibility and that he still puts heavy cream in his morning coffee.

Want a paleo recipe? Check out these fruit and nut protein bites!

Vegetarian Diet: If there’s one thing vegetarians need more of, it’s protein. Cutting out meat from the diet greatly limits your protein sources to just a few foods like Greek yogurt, beans and nuts. Protein powder is a great way for vegetarians to consistently get that needed protein in their diets.

BiPro is an ideal protein powder for vegetarians, because it’s easily mixed in with a wide variety of foods. The BiPro Vegetarian Cookbook shows how vegetarian dieters can add protein powder to soups, risotto, lasagna and more!

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The Atkins diet can make you lose weight but is extremely unhealthy as well. My father actually tried this diet, lost 20 pounds, and gained 25 pounds back when he began to eat regularly. This was the same for several other people I know. People who are lean eat well-balanced diets because they are listening to their bodies and fill their stomachs with a large variety of foods, fulfilling all of their bodies needs.

Posted by: Lesa Hitle | September 25, 2018

The paleo diet is not even close to what people would actually eat during the paleolithic era. The paleo diet involves eating lots and lots of meat with some modern fruits and vegetables, essentially. In the Paleolithic era, people couldn't hunt nearly enough to eat mostly meat every day, and almost all modern Vegetable did not exist. It took thousands of years of breeding for the vegetables you know to come to be.

Posted by: Marry Chiar | October 03, 2018

Many people think the vegan diet is unhealthy and difficult, but a well planned vegan diet can be the healthiest around. Also, there are egg, dairy, meat, pretty much everything replacements, although most vegans agree it's better to stick to whole foods.

Posted by: Staphen Rusales | October 10, 2018

A keto diet is one that is low carb and high fat. You need fat to burn fat and to feel full and to absorb vital nutrients. You need it for your brain and organs to function. For healthy skin, hair and nails. Carbs you really don't need so much.

Posted by: Doneld Weliam | October 12, 2018