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Tips for Sticking to a Diet and Exercise Routine

When people start a new diet or exercise routine, they often stick to it for a few weeks. Then, they start slipping into old habits. Here are three easy tips for sticking to a new diet or exercise regimen:

  1. Keep it simple and fun
    Don’t shoot for a goal that’s too lofty. If you keep your goals simple, you’re more likely to reach them and steadily better yourself instead of getting frustrated. Remember to also keep things fun. If you don’t like running, find a different cardio workout that you enjoy. It’s much easier to work out when you’re doing something that you find truly enjoyable
  2.  Find a friend
    Embarking on a new diet or exercise routine with a friend can really help you stay accountable. You may not want to get up to workout, but get a text from your workout buddy can you stay motivated.
  3. Cheats are ok
    Just because you’re starting to eat healthier doesn’t mean you have to cut out all of your vices. If you really want to eat or drink something unhealthy from time to time, then do it: reward yourself. The key is moderation and really enjoying it.

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