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Recover Whey Faster!

There is no denying that we put our bodies through some major stress when we workout. We push our bodies to be better, faster and stronger, so it is no surprise that we sometimes end up injuring our muscles in the process. Sprained, strained and torn muscles are battle wounds endured by most every athlete.

But while these types of injuries are common, you can greatly reduce your need for ice packs and ACE bandages by eating a proper diet, including BiPro whey protein isolate.

So here’s the science behind how BiPro whey protein can help you bounce back from injuries faster and prevent injuries in the future.

Everyday your body makes millions of new proteins to replace worn-out ones. During exercise, muscle tissue is broken down and additional protein building blocks, known as amino acids, are needed to make repairs and prevent small injuries from becoming major injuries.

If you’re frequently training hard, exercise-related tissue damage can accumulate to the point where it becomes a full-on injury. By accelerating the repair of exercise-related tissue damage, protein can help prevent some cases of overuse injuries such as tendonitis and runner’s knee.

Foods rich in protein will help keep those amino acids working and will help keep you off the DL. Stick to foods like eggs, soy products, lean meat, fish and dairy products to get your daily dose of protein. Or get your protein punch from BiPro, which contains 20 g of protein per serving! With unflavored BiPro Whey Protein, you can add it to any of your favorite dishes, or try one of our delicious recipes .

So don’t let injuries slow you down, keep your body running in peak condition with a diet rich in protein and BiPro!

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