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Add a Cheat Day to Your Routine

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One of the biggest things that scares people away from eating healthy is they look at diets and think that they have to be rigid. They think that there’s no room to indulge and it’s not fun. If you really want to eat or drink something unhealthy from time to time, then do it: reward yourself with a cheat day.

Many fitness experts agree having a day or a meal once per week where you go a little crazy is okay. The key is moderation; a cheat day isn't a license to binge eat; however it is a time to let loose. In the end, you hopefully walk away from that unhealthy eating experience and feel kind of crummy. Then that’s the reminder of why you eat healthy; it makes you feel good. Cheat days can have psychological and physiological advantages.  

Weeks of eating nothing, but grilled chicken and vegetables can wear down individuals. Cheat days can help you stay on your diets. One study showed people who had the cheat day option reported feeling more motivation and self-control to stay on their diet than participants without a cheat day. They also lost the same amount of weight as the people who didn’t have a cheat day. The researchers believe with a cheat day participants did not like they failed if they had a treat. The cheat day allowed participants to feel like it was acceptable and expected to have treats. You can have your cake, eat it then get back to your diet and not feel like you totally derailed it like on a traditional diet.

If you’re on a diet, you’ve likely reduced the number of calories you’re eating. At the begining of a diet you may even notice that the weight comes off quite easily, but over time our bodies adjust to fewer calories and your metabolism slows down to becom more efficient. By introducing a cheat day, theroy is you’re introducing more calories for a limited amount of time, which is enough to trick the body into shifting your metabolism back into high gear.

A ton of time, energy, effort and smart decisions go into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, it’s okay to live a little bit and eat whatever food you’re craving. After all, every diet and exercise routine needs a little balance.

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