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5 Reasons Why Runners Use BiPro Whey Protein Isolate

When you hear the words “protein powder,” a bulky muscle shake probably comes to mind. But more and more runners are realizing that the right protein powder, like BiPro, can give them the power to finish races strong without bulking up. Here are five reasons why runners are choosing BiPro:

1. Recover quickly 

After a long run or a set of mile repeats, your legs probably feel like jelly. That’s because the muscles in your lower body have been working hard and are being broken down. Consuming protein is a great way to help your muscles recover, making you less sore and feeling stronger the next day.

2. Backed by research 

For years, studies have found that endurance athletes have greater dietary protein needs than the Recommended Dietary Allowance.

3. No sugar


Unlike sports drinks and many other protein shakes, all BiPro products contain one gram of sugar or less. 

4. Conquer altitude training 

Many serious runners undergo altitude training to increase their fitness but can lose weight while doing so, undermining their training. “BiPro is a huge component of my altitude training. Athletes tend to lose weight when they’re at altitude. I have three scoops of BiPro every day when I’m at altitude and have really seen a difference in my body.” – pro runner Jordan Hasay

5. Protein to go

BiPro Protein Water offers delicious flavors and is portable, allowing you to bring the bottle along for your workouts. One serving of the beverage packs 20 grams of protein, the equivalent to more than three eggs!

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