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4 Quick and Easy BiPro Protein Water Recipe Pairings

BiPro Protein Water is the perfect post-workout beverage because it’s a clean, delicious protein drink that can be consumed on the go. But let’s be honest: Something that tastes this good shouldn’t just be drank after exercise.

BiPro Water Pairings - Mix it with tea, sparkling water, and fruit

The next time you feel like sipping something sweet while watching T.V., ditch the sugary, artificial soda. Try a chilled BiPro Protein Water that will give you sweet flavor with zero grams of sugar and 20 grams of filling protein in just a 90-calorie package.

Want to get creative? The infographic above shows four quick and easy ways to turn a bottle of BiPro Protein Water into a refreshing iced drink. Follow these recipes to spice up your protein water and make what you’re drinking during down time delicious and nutritious!

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