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How To Make a New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

Many people make a resolution at the beginning of each year. The goal could be to work out regularly, read more often, or to stop eating fried food. But, sadly, most people who make New Year’s resolutions struggle to fulfill them. At BiPro, we value healthy lifestyle choices, so we’re going to offer some simple advice on how to make a New Year’s resolution you can keep. Here’s our solution: Set an attainable goal.

If you want to start running, don’t expect to become as fast as professional runner Jordan Hasay overnight. Interested in getting stronger? You probably won’t be as built as a linebacker after a few days of weightlifting. Improvement takes time with just about any activity and it’s important to not become frustrated if you don’t see major results out of the gate.

Set small goals that you can reach each day. Doing so will not only help you become healthier but also make you feel accomplished because you’ll be able to see progress.

If your New Year’s resolution involves working out or eating healthier, consider using a whey protein like BiPro ELITE. Consuming a protein supplement shortly after exercise can help muscle development as well as recovery, making you stronger while also limiting soreness. Unflavored BiPro ELITE is ideal for people with healthy diets because it is just 80 calories per serving, contains no fats, sugars or carbohydrates, and packs 20 grams of protein. That protein can help you feel full longer and fight off cravings.

When you’re thinking about what you want your 2018 New Year’s resolution to be, remember to set attainable goals. We hope that BiPro protein powders and waters can help you reach your diet and exercise benchmarks along the way!

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