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Bariatric Foodie Endorses BiPro As Its Whey Protein of Choice

Bariatric Foodie is a website and community that encourages its readers to “play with their food” for weight loss surgery success, which is why the site has endorsed BiPro as its whey protein of choice. Whey protein is an indispensable resource to bariatric surgery patients because they have very limited diets post-operation.

“My first two weeks after surgery I could probably eat one or two tablespoons of food at a time before feeling profoundly full,” said Nikki Massie, owner and author of Bariatric Foodie. “But post-ops also have to get in their required water, vitamins and more. Being able to drink a quality protein is really helpful because it’s easier to consume right after surgery.”

Massie has tried many other whey proteins but prefers BiPro for several reasons, including its high quality, lack of fillers and the ease of integration into many types of recipes.

“BiPro is really a good quality protein that’s easy to use,” Massie said. “There are a couple of things I look for in proteins that I use personally and one of them is quality. It has to be a good whey protein isolate that doesn’t have a ton of junk in it. I look at the nutrition label. I look at the ingredients and make sure I can understand the ingredients.”

Massie uses BiPro for more than just protein shakes. She puts it in all kinds of foods, from pudding to yogurt, hot drinks and even chili.

“I’ve never ever had a problem mixing BiPro with any foods or liquids,” Massie said. “I recommend whey protein every step of the way because it is easiest for weight-loss surgery patients to absorb, it is quickest for us to absorb. As patients are losing their body mass very, very fast it’s essential to have protein not only to encourage weight loss but preserve muscle mass. I’m thankful that BiPro gives me a quality option that I can use in my creative food lifestyle!”

To learn more about Bariatric Foodie and BiPro, check out five ways Massie adds whey protein to her foods and drinks.

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Still being new at this bariatric foodie thing...I read all Nikki's articles.I find she gives great advice on all the foods and proteins that we should be taking in.

Therefore, I will be trying BiPro and working my way to being a foodie expert!!

Posted by: Annette Beauvais | February 23, 2016