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Winter Running Tips from Jordan Hasay

When December rolls around and winter breaks into full swing, it can be far more difficult to find motivation to go for a run. The sun goes down early. Depending on where you are, there might be snow on the ground. And, oh yeah, it’s probably cold out.

Jordan Hasay has to deal with all of these issues. But as a professional runner, she has to find ways to train in the elements just about every winter day. Here are some tips from Hasay, a BiPro Whey Protein Isolate user, on how to run in winter weather:

1) Layer up.

One of the biggest adjustments Hasay makes when running during the winter is wearing multiple layers of clothing and putting on gloves.

“It’s all about layering up,” Hasay said. “I’ll wear tights and then a short-sleeved shirt and a jacket. So, if I get warm during the run I can just take the jacket off.”

2) Don’t forget to rehydrate.

When she runs during the winter, Hasay doesn’t feel quite as thirsty as when she trains in blistering heat. That can cause her to forget to rehydrate after workouts. So, she uses BiPro ELITE  to not only refuel her body and help her build lean muscle but also as a reminder to hydrate.

“In the summer you’re really thirsty and wanting water. Sometimes in the winter you come back and forget to hydrate because you feel like you haven’t sweat,” Hasay said. “Taking BiPro after workouts helps a lot because it ensures I’m having my drink after a run even though it’s chilly out.”

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