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11/15/2014 - Celebrate Peanut Butter Lovers Month with a BiPro Recipe

BiProUSA is celebrating Peanut Butter Lovers Month with our Top 5 Peanut Butter and Whey Protein Recipes

Peanut butter is a favorite for adults and children alike, and for good reason! Not only does peanut butter satisfy our sweet and salty cravings, it is also packed full of nutrition.

Peanut Butter is packed with protein! Two tablespoons of this delicious nut butter contain an average of 8 grams of protein. You can even increase the protein power of your peanut butter by mixing it with a tablespoon of BiPro whey protein isolate – our Unflavored protein is a great addition, but the French Vanilla and Chocolate flavors give your PB an extra kick!

Peanut Butter is full of healthy fats! Reading nutrition labels is important to make sure you know what you’re putting in your body, but don’t get scared off by the fat content in peanut butter. Most of the fat in peanut butter is unsaturated fats (a.k.a. good fats), like those found in olive oil. As long as you keep your daily calorie and fat intake in mind, the benefits of peanut butter’s “good fats” outweigh any concerns you might have.

Peanut Butter is rich in fiber, potassium and other nutrients! Peanut butter has a lot to offer in terms of nutrition, but like any food choice, make sure you read nutrition labels, watch sugar content and consume in moderation!

Not only is Peanut Butter great on a PB&J sandwich, but it’s a fantastic ingredient to incorporate into recipes. Try a BiProUSA peanut butter and whey protein recipe today!


Top 5 Peanut Butter and Whey Protein Recipes



These tasty treats are perfect for on-the-go and anytime snacking. Give yourself a boost before your workout, pack them as a treat in kid’s lunches, or keep at work for an afternoon snack.



Our gluten-free peanut butter cookies only have 5 ingredients! Keep it simple with something simply delicious!





Featured as our BiPro Recipe of the Week last week, this recipe featuring PB2 is perfect for family gatherings and entertaining friends.





BiProUSA has a variety of whey protein energy bar recipes, made with BiPro and BioZzz. Find the recipe that fits your taste buds best!





This whey protein smoothie recipe is perfect for those of us that are still a kid at heart!




There is so much you can do with peanut butter; we think it should always be in your pantry (along with your BiPro!). However, if you aren’t culinary-inclined and want to stick with your basic PB&J, try sprucing up this traditional favorite!

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