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10 After School Whey Protein-Filled Snacks

School has been back in full swing for weeks now and after P.E., soccer practice, or an afternoon class your energy level can start to drag. Make any of these BiPro-infused snacks so that you have the wherewithal to tackle the rest of the day!

Fruit smoothie

Fruit Smoothie with BiPro
A BiPro whey protein smoothie is an ideal snack because it packs multiple servings of fruit into a protein-rich package. This concoction is fat free and features unflavored BiPro whey protein.

 Banana bread

Banana bread recipe made with BiPro Whey Protein

This baked good only takes 10 minutes to prepare and packs four grams of protein per slice. Plus, it’s gluten free!


hummus made with BiPro Whey Protein
Hummus dip has a variety of health benefits and is generally high in protein. Combine our BiPro whey protein recipe with carrots or celery and you’ll feel healthy and energized all afternoon.

 Peanut butter energy bites

Peanut Butter Balls
Calling all athletes: Do you need to put something down on-the-go at halftime or between school and practice? If yes, then these energy bites are perfect for you. One ball can be eaten in just a few bites and carries seven grams of protein and 21 carbohydrates to keep your legs churning during the second half.

Fruit & nut granola

Granola is a popular choice for health-conscious individuals and, when combined with BiPro whey protein isolate, contains eight grams of protein per serving. This snack is also cholesterol free and is a good source of fiber.

 Spinach dip with whey protein

SPINACH DIP WITH PROTEIN made with BiPro Whey ProteinMuch like hummus, spinach dip is great to mix with veggies if you want a light snack filled with plenty of nutrients. BiPro spinach dip is an excellent source of Vitamin A.

Protein crackers

Protein Crackers Made with BiPro Whey Protein
BiPro crackers are another great option for athletes who are looking for something quick to eat that can be carried in their backpack or gym bag. How to make them.

Chocolate protein granola

Chocolate Protein  Granola
This snack carries many of the health benefits as fruit & nut granola concoction aforementioned but is also a kid pleaser because it contains BiPro chocolate whey protein.

 Avocado spread

Avocado Spread made with BiPro Whey Protein This protein-infused spread is low in saturated fat as well as sodium, tastes great, and is ideal for use on a variety of different foods.

Cheddar bites

Cheddar Bites made with BiPro Whey Protein These nuggets are a good source of protein and only take 10 minutes to bake. Rochelle from Kansas said in a review, “My kids love these…great way to get them a little extra protein!”

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