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5 Steps to a Motivated Monday

If your energy level is dragging, here are five steps that can help you stay motivated today and in the future:

Add Protein to Your Breakfast

Add BiPro to your breakfast oatmeal

According to Healthline, consuming a breakfast that’s high in protein can make you feel fuller “and even improve your mood.” Adding protein to your breakfast is incredibly easy. You could enjoy a BiPro whey protein shake or protein water on the side of your toast or mix unflavored BiPro into your oatmeal.

Drink Water – Even If You’re Not Thirsty

The Atlantic summarized a 2014 study from The Journal of Nutrition by saying the researchers found “mild dehydration can alter a person’s mood, energy level, and ability to think clearly.” A simple solution is to keep a water bottle with you at your desk. Whether you’re at work or in class, it appears sipping water consistently can help you stay alert.

Get Moving

male stretching
Just about anyone will tell you that exercise is beneficial for your body’s health, but it’s also great for your brain. Physical activity brings on endorphins which, according to the Mayo Clinic, are “your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters.” Working out in the morning can improve your mood for the day.

Many people say they don’t have time to work out. Well, it’s easy to get at least a little physical activity in even if you’re at work. The Washington Post put together animations that show 12 easy workplace exercises you can do at your desk

Prepare for Tomorrow

Biozzz and an alarm clock

A major component of starting the day off on the right foot is making sure you get plenty of rest the night before. The National Sleep Foundation recommends everyone to sleep at least seven hours per night depending on their age. You can do a lot more to jumpstart your energy level tomorrow than simply getting enough sleep, though. If you work out at night then taking BioZzz, an alpha-lactalbumin whey protein, is a great way to help your body recover and rest. A study found that people who consume our alpha-lactalbumin, which contains the highest natural source of tryptophan available, before sleep were more alert the next morning.

Don’t Make Excuses

Excuses won't motivate you. You have to take actions to have a motivated Monday!

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