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Did You Know: Protein and Rest Are Important For Building Muscle

Saturday was National Relaxation Day, a time to sit back and enjoy the weekend. If you laid in a hammock or took a nap, then good for you! While those acts might be perceived as lazy, they actually help the body recover.

Did you know that, on top of proper nutrition, adequate rest is critical to building muscle? Taking days off from working out is incredibly important, even for professional athletes.

“The best muscle-building results come from having 4-5 days of training with a few rest days within the mix,” Frank Claps, owner of Fitness For Any Body, told Muscle and Fitness. “Without time off from the gym, you won’t have the fuel necessary to be at your best and your results will suffer.”

But just how much time off should you take?

Jonathan Ross, the 2010 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, wrote in a blog for Ace Fitness that the duration of rest time depends on several factors. Peoples’ levels of athleticism vary greatly and some workouts are much more intense than others. So, there isn’t a clear-cut amount of time off everyone should take off from exercising; it’s different for just about everyone. The key is to listen to your body.

“So how much recovery is enough? It’s when the soreness is gone from the muscle. A workout that is too hard and results in intense painful soreness requires waiting until the soreness is gone to exercise again,” Ross wrote.

Proper nutrition is the best way to avoid soreness, refuel muscles, and be ready to work out again after a strenuous workout. BiPro whey protein isolate is an ideal choice for the health-conscious individual because it contains no fillers, fat, carbohydrates, or sugars. It’s just lean, clean, protein that heightens the positive effects of exercise.

So, after you work out be sure to refuel your body with one of BiPro’s NSF Certified for Sport products. And don’t forget to rest every now and then!

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