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BiPro is Not Just for Athletes: Specialty Diets

BiPro whey protein isolate is the post-workout supplement of choice for many professional athletes. But a protein as advanced as BiPro has uses beyond sports. This is the fourth installment of a blog series showing that BiPro is not just for athletes. Be sure to read our other posts on sarcopenia, appetite suppression and immunity.

Whey protein produced at a high quality like BiPro can be an indispensable piece of many specialty diets:

Whey Protein for Vegetarians
Without meat in their diet, some vegetarians don’t consume enough protein. BiPro can easily be added to food to boost a meal’s nutritional profile. We have a vegetarian cookbook on our website that features recipes ranging from vegetarian lasagna to mushroom risotto and hummus.

Whey Protein for the Lactose-Intolerant
Unflavored BiPro ELITE is lactose-free and still packs 20 grams of protein per serving in just 80 calories, making it an ideal protein supplement for people with lactose intolerance.

Whey Protein for Weight-Loss Surgery Patients
BiPro RENEW is a valuable tool for many bariatric surgery patients. Their diets change immensely right after surgery, limiting them to just a few bites of food per meal. Many post-ops mix BiPro into foods and juices so that they consume as many nutrients as possible in a small package. For more information about BiPro and the bariatric community, read about why Bariatric Foodie endorses BiPro as its whey protein of choice.

To learn about how to add BiPro to your diet, consult our FAQ page or email us:

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