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BiPro is Not Just for Athletes: Strengthening the Immune System

BiPro whey protein isolate is the post-workout supplement of choice for many professional athletes. But a protein as advanced as BiPro has uses beyond sports. This is the third installment of a blog series showing that BiPro is not just for athletes. Be sure to read our first part on sarcopenia and our second part about appetite suppression.

If you get sick often, the source of the problem could be an inadequate diet. Research suggests that consuming protein, whey protein in particular, can help strengthen the immune system and fend off illnesses.

“No one food will magically fend off the flu, but certain nutrients take the lead in helping protect your body from millions of bacteria, viruses and other germs – and protein is one of them. One of the reasons is that the antibodies that help fight disease are actually made of protein,” Today writes.

Protein is an important resource for enhancing immunity because it helps form the cells that operate the immune system.

“The amino acids that are found in protein form the building blocks of all the body’s cells – including the cells that power your immune system. If you don’t consume enough protein, you’ll manufacture fewer white blood cells to combat antigens,” according to CNN.

But there’s something extra that sets whey apart from other proteins when it comes to immunity: whey protein appears to boost glutathione production in some tissues. The United States Dairy Export Council claims that glutathione is at the center of the antioxidant defense system in the body that dictates immune function.

“In comparison to most other protein sources, whey proteins are unique in their ability to optimize a number of key aspects of immune function,” according to the United States Dairy Export Council.

Consider adding BiPro to your diet if you’re interested in the benefits whey protein can have on your immune system! BiPro can be purchased on our products page.  

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