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BiPro is Not Just for Athletes: Natural Appetite Suppressant

BiPro ELITE is the post-workout supplement of choice for many professional athletes. But a protein as advanced as BiPro has uses beyond sports nutrition. This is the second installment of a blog series showing that BiPro is not just for athletes. This piece focuses on appetite suppression but be sure to read our first blog about sarcopenia.

A growing body of research suggests that protein is a suitable natural appetite suppressant:

“Whey protein, as part of a diet higher in protein, can help curb hunger.” – National Dairy Council

“The scientific community is increasingly recognizing that diets higher in protein may indeed provide a key to weight loss.” – United States Dairy Export Council

Protein’s ability to curb appetite makes supplements an incredibly useful tool for people trying to lose weight. BiPro can help individuals on their weight loss journey by offering 20 grams of protein per serving in an efficient package with minimal ingredients. BiPro whey protein isolate is not a meal replacement but can be used to make food more filling, limiting you from going back for seconds.

BiPro can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It’s great for adding to smoothies, yogurt or oatmeal for a light breakfast and can be mixed with larger entrees such as lasagna or jambalaya. Be sure to check out our recipes page for usage ideas.

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