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Inside The Taxing Workout Routine of Pro Triathlete Renée Tomlin

Every Monday morning Renée Tomlin swims and cycles for a combined two and a half hours. Sound like a tiring start to the week? That’s what the professional triathlete calls the “down day” in her training schedule. Tomlin, recently introduced as a BiPro USA brand ambassador, follows an intense conditioning regimen. That taxing training prepares Tomlin for her races, which consist of a 1,500-meter swim, 40-kilometer bike ride and a 10-kilometer run.

Just two short years into her triathlon career, Tomlin is already one of the top ITU triathletes in the world. She gave BiPro USA an inside look at the workouts she does every day of the week and how BiPro whey protein isolate helps her muscles recover from them.

Renee Tomlin

The aforementioned “down day” starts with a 90 minute bike ride. A recovery swim immediately follows, which minimizes the time to sit down for a full breakfast. Tomlin’s ‘go-to’ during a quick turnaround is a chocolate BiPro protein shake along with a piece of fruit. Then she hops into the water for an aerobic, drills-based session.

Tuesday – Thursday
After a light breakfast, Tomlin goes for a long run with a mixture of tempo and speed work. When she’s done with her run, Tomlin recovers with a chocolate BiPro ELITE shake and fruit poolside to help her recover before embarking on a 90 minute strength-endurance swim. 


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Once the swim workout is done, she goes into the gym for core work. From there, Tomlin takes a three-hour break to eat lunch and rest. But once the three hours are up, she heads back to the pool and swims for another two hours before calling it a day.

“It’s pretty high in volume and intensity. I’m in the water for about three and a half hours those days. There’s an increase in time and distance covered over the course of those three days as well,” Tomlin said.

Following three consecutive days of intensive swimming, Tomlin spends her Fridays focusing mostly on running with a bit of cycling mixed in. Tomlin calls Friday “a bit of a break” in-between her Tuesday-through-Thursday and Saturday-to-Sunday grinds.

With a lighter schedule, Fridays allow Tomlin to really focus on her running form. After all, running is the four-time track and field All-American’s bread and butter.


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Tomlin spends her weekends doing heavy volume training in both running and cycling disciplines. She starts Saturday with a 4-hour bike ride, transitions straight into a 30 minute run and finishes the morning with a serving of chocolate BiPro for immediate recovery. After lunch and some downtime, Tomlin starts her afternoon with a core session, 90 minute swim and another run. In all, she spends about seven hours training every Saturday.

The final day of Tomlin’s training week starts with a 90 minute long run. Once she’s done with that, she drinks a BiPro chocolate shake to speed her recovery before a hard afternoon bike session.

After all of that she rests a bit before going to bed, readying to start the training cycle over on Monday.

“At the end of the week I’m exhausted but then I know I have to do it all over again,” Tomlin said with a laugh. “That’s why I need BiPro. It keeps me going.”

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