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Triathlete Jessica Broderick Uses BiPro to Refuel from Three Sports

Jessica Broderick has spent the last few months running up hills, over-gear cycling and swimming miles at a time. In other words, the 25-year-old professional triathlete has been working incredibly hard to build strength ahead of her 2016 race season.

She has to maintain a nutritious diet in order to get through those arduous training sessions. That’s why she refuels from her workouts with BiPro whey protein isolate. 

“Building volume and strength has been the main focus, which is why protein is so important,” said Broderick, who was recently introduced as a BiPro USA brand ambassador. “BiPro has been really important in that sense during this phase of training.” 

Broderick calls her current workout regimen “high-volume” training. She wants to make sure she makes the most of the months before race season begins so she can perform her best this year. 

“Once you get into race season, you can’t really get these uninterrupted training blocks. You want to capitalize on this opportunity to have two or three months of uninterrupted training without a race,” Broderick said. 

Broderick’s regimen has involved building her run volume in addition to short hill sprints, swimming with parachutes to create drag, and an over-gear cycling technique, which utilizes a very large sprocket and slow cadence. These “sport specific” strategies have strengthened Broderick’s body, better preparing her for the 2 hours of competition she’ll endure on race days. 

“This phase of training is so important because it’s the foundation that we build off of as we start doing shorter, harder stuff to get tuned up for races,” Broderick said. 

As the season’s races begin, Broderick’s conditioning sessions will shift to more high-intensity to simulate race efforts. But her workouts will end the same way: with a BiPro whey protein shake. 

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