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Ashley Twichell’s Experience with Other Protein Supplements

As a professional swimmer with huge aspirations, Ashley Twichell knew she should start using a protein supplement to help her recover from workouts. About two years ago, that’s what she did.

But when Twichell consumed store-bought supplements she would usually get nervous. Many protein powders include bulking agents, fillers and chemicals with long names that are difficult to understand.

“I wasn’t always 100 percent sure of what I was putting in my body, which I wasn’t extremely comfortable with,” said Twichell, a BiPro USA brand ambassador.

After some research and advice from experienced sport nutritionists, Twichell decided to give BiPro whey protein isolate a shot. She liked that it contained zero grams of sugar along with natural flavors. And when Twichell looked at BiPro’s ingredient list she saw that there are only two to five ingredients depending on the flavor. The product is also NSF Certified for Sport, meaning it’s been tested for quality and banned substances by a third party. 

Shortly after she started consuming BiPro, Twichell posted career-best times in multiple events and felt stronger both in and out of the water.

“Once I found BiPro, I noticed a considerable difference,” she said. “I love that it’s NSF Certified for Sport. With BiPro, I know exactly what’s going into my body.”

Twichell hopes to qualify for the American team in the 800-meter freestyle, the longest pool event. Her training requires in-depth and intense workouts. BiPro ensures that Twichell’s muscles are adequately fueled after exercise, giving her the extra edge that she needs as a professional athlete.

“BiPro has been huge for me. As a distance swimmer, you’re doing a lot of yardage and your body is exerting a lot of energy throughout a practice. So, to be able to get that protein into my body quickly is pretty crucial,” she said.

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