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BiPro is Not Just for Athletes: Fighting Sarcopenia

BiPro ELITE whey protein isolate is the post-workout supplement of choice for many professional athletes. But a protein as advanced as BiPro has uses beyond sports. This is the first installment of a blog series showing that BiPro is not just for athletes.

As people age, they can progressively lose skeletal muscle. This phenomenon is known as sarcopenia, which impacts about 50 percent of people more than 80 years old according to the Alliance For Aging Research.

Sarcopenia’s effects can include decreased muscle strength, mobility issues, weak bones, diabetes, a loss of physical function and more, the Alliance For Aging Research claims. Those ailments can greatly impact one’s quality of life, but increasing protein consumption appears to combat sarcopenia.

“…there is general agreement that moderately increasing daily protein intake beyond 0.8 g·kg−1·d−1 may enhance muscle protein anabolism and provide a means for reducing the progressive loss of muscle with age,” states a 2008 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Nutritionists across the United States recommend BiPro for elderly individuals that need to consume more protein. One component that sets BiPro apart as a protein supplement for the elderly at risk for sarcopenia is its versatility. BiPro mixes incredibly well with food and comes in an unflavored variety that is virtually tasteless, so it can be added to all kinds of meals. People can view our recipes online for free for advice on how to add BiPro to baked goods, smoothies, snacks and more.

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