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New Year’s Weight Loss Tips: Supplements

This is the third installment of a four part weight loss tips series. If you haven’t already, check out part one on dieting and part two on exercise. This version focuses on protein supplements. Here are our five weight loss protein supplement tips:

1) Remember that supplements aren’t just for bodybuilders
There seems to be a misconception that taking protein supplements will make people instantly gain a ton of weight. While there are products dedicated to building mass, there are a wide range of people consuming protein powders. One of our athletes, long-distance runner Jordan Hasay, has become much stronger and not gained any weight since consuming BiPro protein. BiPro is also endorsed by Bariatric Foodie, an online community for weight loss surgery success, as its whey protein of choice.

Protein supplements can certainly help people gain weight if that’s their goal. However, supplements are also very helpful for people looking to shed excess fat or build lean muscle. A protein shake can help people feel fuller longer, limiting snacking and overeating at meals.

2) Ditch plant- and rice-based protein powders
Unless you’re a vegan, we can’t see a reason why you should take a plant- or rice-based protein powder over whey protein. Why? Plant- and rice-derived protein powders are considered “incomplete” protein sources because they do not contain all of the amino acids the body needs to function. Pea protein, one of the most popular plant protein options, does not contain the amino acid cysteine. Rice protein is low in the amino acid lysine, according to Daily Burn.

Have a food allergy? BiPro is gluten- and lactose-free!

3) Read the label closely
This might be the most important weight loss tip of all. Many protein supplements are not transparent about their contents; some companies water down their protein with bulking agents and other chemicals that your body does not need. Read the product’s label to make sure there aren’t too many ingredients and that the protein does not include excess sugar or fat.

4) Choose BiPro
Just kidding. This is the most important weight loss tip of all! BiPro is the protein of choice for many health-conscious individuals because it includes minimal ingredients and zero grams of sugar. 

5) Get creative
If you opt for a high-quality protein supplement like BiPro, then it will mix well with a wide variety of foods. Many of our consumers add BiPro to smoothies, yogurt and granola, oatmeal, pasta sauce and more. We also have a recipes page if you need ideas!

Have any questions about supplements? Reach out to our nutritionist who will answer your nutrition questions!

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