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Protein and Healthy Eating For Kids

By Jenna Stangland, MS, RD, LDN - Guest Blogger

Did you know that I will answer your nutrition questions? Head over to my bio page, ask away, and I’ll give you an answer. I recently received a great question about healthy eating for kids and decided to publish it here so that everyone can benefit from my input!

Question: My 6-year-old son is a very picky eater. He pretty much eats no meat aside from chicken nuggets and fish sticks. Is BiPro something I could use as a supplement for him?

Answer: Thank you for your email through the BiPro website! I am glad you are thinking about your son’s nutrition and balance! BiPro would be a great way to “sneak” in some extra protein for him. The unflavored BiPro has the most versatility to add it into recipes including macaroni and cheese, fettuccine alfredo, yogurt, spaghetti sauce, etc. It is important for your son to get adequate protein with each meal for growth and development, so figuring out ways to meet his needs is essential. Our website has 9 different cookbooks that can help give you ideas and recipes for incorporating BiPro into them. BiPro RENEW whey protein isolate unflavored version only has two ingredients: whey protein isolate and sunflower lecithin.

Also, your son being picky at age 6 is very common. It is important for you to continue to expose him to a variety of foods. Many times it takes that repeated exposure before he will even take his first bite. One fun tactic I had a mom tell me she uses is sharing with her child that their taste buds change every 3-4 days so they need to try the food multiple times to see if their taste buds have changed to liking it!

A couple other tips: having your son help with meal prep can be a great experience for him to see how foods can be combined and how flavors work together. You can also use a sauce or dip you know your son likes and then have it available when he is trying a new food.

Check out some of my whey protein recipes: Mocha Latte Protein Balls. Spaghetti Squash. Rice Pudding. Healthy Dorm Snacks.

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