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Why NSF Certification is Important for Supplements

April 13, 2017

NSF certified supplement There are several reasons why NSF certification is a must for protein powders and whey protein isolates.

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Why You Should Add BiPro Whey Protein Isolate to Your Breakfast

April 12, 2017

bipro whey protein Make BiPro Whey Protein Isolate part of your breakfast routine to improve alertness and satisfy your appetite.

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5 Reasons Why BiPro is Perfect for Strength Training

January 17, 2017

protein for strength training BiPro’s clean label and branched chain amino acids make it the perfect protein for strength training.

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Study: Whey Protein May Improve Heart Health

November 28, 2016

whey protein heart health Whey protein may not only help post-workout recovery, but also improve heart health.

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Why You Should Use a Protein Supplement High in Leucine

November 7, 2016

One of the many benefits of using a whey protein isolate like BiPro is its high leucine content, which helps trigger muscle protein synthesis.

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Former Navy SEALS Travel across the U.S. Inspiring Others to Improve Their Health

September 7, 2016

military protein supplement Under the guidance of former Navy SEALS, The Human Performance Project helps people improve their conditioning, health and nutrition choices.

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Why You Should Drink BiPro Whey Protein Every Morning

June 22, 2016

BiPro Whey Protein scoop A recent study found “that adding whey protein to a sensible breakfast can help you lose serious pounds.”

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5 Ways to Use BiPro Outside of the Gym

June 10, 2016

5 ways to use bipro whey protein outside of the gymAfter pushing through a bench press set or rattling off a run on the treadmill, there’s nothing better than drinking a clean BiPro protein shake. But a whey protein isolate as advanced as BiPro has uses beyond just the gym. Check out five unique BiPro benefits below:

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How Whey Protein is Made

May 6, 2016

how whey protein is made Have you ever wondered how whey protein is made? Watch our animated video to find out!

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BiPro Whey Protein: What Does NSF Sport Certification Mean?

June 10, 2010

Since BiPro Whey Protein was NSF Sport Certified in January, we have received a lot of emails and questions regarding what this means for BiPro and why we became certified.

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