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Pro Basketball Player Rachel Banham and Protein-packed Snacks

Pro basketball Rachel Banham, before heading back to the east coast for team practice, she stopped by the TCL Studio to share her secrets for eating right. Read More

Reducing Age-Related Muscle LRegistered Dietitian Ryan Harmon gives tips to help combat age-relaoss

Registered Dietitian Ryan Harmon gives tips to help combat age-related muscle loss that starts after we turn 30. Watch Now

Larry Nance Jr on the Rebuilding Process

Larry Nance Jr and BiPro hosted the “Dunks Don’t Happen By Accident” Clinic for children at the Boys & Girls Club of Venice last Friday in Los Angeles. Read more 

No skipping: Building a premium breakfast to fuel your game

Registered Dietitian Ryan Harmon gives you the formula of premiums foods you need to eat for breakfast to fuel your golf game for better results.​ Watch Now

Ben Leber’s Healthy Routine

Ben Leber was a pro linebacker for nearly 10 years, spending five seasons with Minnesota. He says keeping a balanced and healthy life is important to him and it’s why he joined us as we wrapped up Twin Cities Live’s “Unleash Your Awesome” week. He showed us simple things we can do to make 2017 the best year yet. Read More

Brandon Ingram drinking BiPro to get stronger

Amid his never-ending quest to become stronger, Forward Brandon Ingram has kept a few things in mind. His 19-year-old body will fill out naturally with age. He has turned to weight-training exercises that focus more on developing lean...Learn More

Sneak Protein Into Your Diet - Twin Cities Live

The United States Government recommends that 10-35% of your daily calories comes from protein. For a 140 pound, 50 year-old woman, that equates to 53 grams a day. Instead of eating the same protein-rich foods over and over, food blogger Sarah Lang shares protein-rich foods worth adding to your grocery list along with ways to sneak it in to other foods, including macaroni and cheese. Read More

BiPro USA in Eden Prairie sees plenty of opportunity ahead in protein-enhanced food and beverages

The Eden Prairie firm has increased marketing and sales dramatically since being acquired two years ago by a Canadian dairy cooperative. Read More

KFAN talks about BiPro

BiPro USA Extends Range with Launch of Protein Water Product

Protein brand BiPro USA has introduced portable BiPro Protein Water in two flavors: peach power and lemon. Read More

Protein on Trend in R.-T.-D. Beverages

The ready-to-drink category is growing as product formulators with new sources of the nutrient.  Read More

Former Gophers Star Rachel Banham Continues to Attract Endorsements

Former Gophers women’s basketball star Rachel Banham appeared in her first commercial since signing an endorsement deal with BiPro USA last month. Read More

Food Network

BiPro is featured in a Food Network piece about the best ingredients to put in a protein shake. Read More

Middle East Food Magazine

BiPro is the clean protein supplement, providing people of all health and fitness levels the essential protein needed to perform at their best. Unlike other products, BiPro whey protein isolate contains no protein blends or unwanted ingredients. Read More

Very Well

Renowned weight training expert Chris Freytag lists BiPro as her whey protein of choice because she says it’s “easy to digest and can be used in baking. It’s my kids’ favorite choice too!” Read More

Dairy Reporter

The clean and clear label trend is coming to the world of whey, as BiPro USA has removed artificial sweeteners from its products and will begin using natural sweeteners for its flavored whey. Read More

Davisco Product Switches to Natural Sweeteners

BiPro USA, the consumer division of Le Sueur’s Davisco, announced that its flavored whey protein products will be naturally sweetened moving forward. BiPro chocolate and French vanilla varieties will no longer contain sucralose. Read More


Students from North Carolina State University used BiPro to create their own protein beverage. Read More

YWM2015 – A Neopolitan Selection of Protein Flavors August 26,2015

Positively Healthy Podcast, Rob Portinga, August 26, 2015

Candyce from BiPro talks about flavors and the upcoming switch to the natural sweetener stevia and monk-fruit. The interviewed was at the 2015 Your Weight Matters Conference in San Antonio Listen Here

Men’s Health - The Best Whey Powder for You

Not all protein is created equal. Any 100 percent whey protein powder can work well in your smoothie. But for even more targeted body benefits, try one of these personalized picks. Read More

Training & Conditioning Buyer’s Guide 2013 - Ask the Diet Doctor: Are Protein Shakes Truly Healthy?

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