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Real Strawberries

The Simply Strawberry cookbook allows BiPro users to enjoy protein-packed recipes with the sweet, delicious flavor of real strawberries. Strawberry BiPro Whey Protein Isolate is naturally sweetened and naturally flavored with actual strawberries, offering real taste and a premium nutritional profile.

This cookbook has something for everyone:

  • Strawberry protein bites to give athletes an energy boost at halftime of the big game.
  • Strawberry oatmeal to start the day the right way.
  • Refreshing and healthy strawberry smoothie popsicles for the kids (adults love them too!).
  • Chocolate chip strawberry cookies for when you’re craving a sweet dessert.

No matter the occasion or time of day, the Simply Strawberry cookbook has the perfect protein recipe for you…with real strawberry taste!